by Jodi Frank, Founder/CEO of Culineer

Eating locally-grown produce is good for your body, good for the environment — and tastes great!!!

If you’re anything like I was before I started Culineer, you probably aren’t aware that we’ve collectively wrecked the food system. Without coming off all preachy, I’d like to share something I’ve learned this year. Hopefully, it will enlighten you and cause you to make some simple changes in your personal habits that will make a difference.

In the 60’s, we experienced the Green Revolution which shifted how crops were produced. For the first time, the world was…

Good Software Engineers are in High Demand

This is a really common discussion point in the startup community because it’s a really, really big challenge. There are many forums designed to find cofounder matches. Visit any of them and you’ll see the balance skews heavily toward non-technical founders looking for technical co-founders. Most founders aren’t independently wealthy and most startups aren’t funded. So, ideally a person with great business acumen and another with great technical skills comes together like peanut butter and jelly in some sort of perfect relationship. Together they go on to build the next unicorn. Investing their time and sharing the risk 50/50.



I know, on the surface it might seem like a silly question, and, you might not have ever thought about it. But, we have observed a trend during our research that is quite interesting- there are two types of cooks. Those who see it as household chore, as something they have to do, and those who cook for the experience. I find it really fascinating.

When I started working on Culineer my mission was to provide a digital solution that would save time for people to complete the chore of cooking. The pain of deciding and being ready to prepare…

A Great Team is Like Poetry in Motion

Culineer News

I’ve read lots of articles and listened to dozens of podcasts by experts, investors, fellow entrepreneurs (and wannabe entrepreneurs) who are all in the business of offering advice to startup founders. Everyone seems to agree that startups need three things to be successful — Product Market Fit, Funding, and the Right Team. And almost every time, from every expert, which do you think is hailed as the most vital of these three elements?


Of course, this makes good, solid sense. In fact, it’s almost what you would call a “no-brainer.” What isn’t talked about much, however, is what…

No matter what generation you belong to you probably have recipes everywhere!

Our Shared Struggle…

When I first started on my own personal Culineer journey, I simply wanted to save my old-school print recipes into digital files. Digital files aren’t just easier to locate, read and save, but they could allow me to search by ingredient or title — without having to thumb through a book or sort through a pile. If you’d like to, you can read my own personal story about the recipe that caused me the most pain, right here.

Since embarking on my journey, I’ve learned that while the food each of us enjoys may vary dramatically, and…

Jodi Frank

Customer focused problem solver. Founder of What’s for Dinner Technologies and our mobile app - Culineer.

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